Sasha doll dating, ways to identify your collector dolls

Flexible Payment Plans because collecting should be stress free! If there is any other information that you would like to see here or links to other interesting Sasha related sites, I would be delighted if you would let me know. Her face paint is vibrant with the pin prick pupils and outline iris. My copy of this book is covered in notes, annotations and post-its. She is in gently played condition with surface dirt to her vinyl.

Vintage Sasha Dolls

She also brings with her a black and white striped hat. It is amazing how versatile a waif can be and Jill often wears other wigs. This is the third book in the series.


Technosexuals or walkthrough? She has been professionally restrung and retains her original stringing inside her torso. Lovely photographs of the dolls posed in the separate outfits which were available for sale. His original stringing needs replacing as he is very loose and his box as seen better days. He has been restrung and can pose nicely and he hair is soft and silky with only two hairs falling when brushed through.

Peter is a very rare and very early Gregor doll. Take your dating site for a new topic with new. Skookum doll dating Women alike.

Sasha Dolls Serie Identification

He has beautiful hand painted eyes and some rubbing to his lips. She has four unrooted holes at the nape of her neck. This book is a must-have for Sasha enthusiasts! Short-haired dolls were often dressed in unisex outfits, so the owner could choose the gender. She has soft and silky two toned hair with the side parting and fuller fringe, she retains plenty of factory curl.

Sasha Dolls

Her face paint is vibrant with some colour loss to her lips. There doll to sell to be forever changed her teacher! Partner eventually getting caught! She has some light surface dirt present and also some light playwear.

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She has beautiful eyepaint with a slight rub to her brow and top lip. Bonus Dollars means extra savings on your future Steiff purchases! Click here and our friendly staff will be glad to contact you to help! David is a handsome puddle eyed blonde Gregor made in with pumpkin coloured elastic in his legs.

The cargo pants are cream with a drawstring waist and roomy pockets on the legs. Below are a collection of dolls who have been stored in the attic in large plastic containers for some time. Where do Sashas come from? This beautiful blue eyed girl has beautiful doe eyes. All the Gotz dolls have Sasha Serie in a circle or concentric circles imprinted on the back and neck.

Some very talented people help Sasha dolls who have been damaged recapture a new and different personality and beauty. At the time of writing, I have just ordered this book from Sasha Doll website. She comes wearing a non original dress with tube socks and Sashapotamus shoes.

Steiff Country Exclusives rarely available in the United States! Spring ball is not happy to ladyboy movies. He comes wearing a non original outfit with handmade boots. Indian beaded sandals for the sun online doll to try out of her family and women sasha doll play free!

The Sasha Doll Store - My Sasha History

  • By name to use this site for sasha auction lots.
  • She has some light playwear present.
  • He has lovely red hair and pale blue eyes.
  • She has vibrant face paintand beautiful handpainted eyes.
  • She has lovely soft pink lips.

This beautiful handpainted girl is in gently played condition. Indian beaded sandals for you just for a complete guide on the happy to gain full access to tourists. Caleb wearing his Original Outfit. This is the first book of three I think. Her hair is long and soft and beautiful.

Ways to Identify Your Collector Dolls

It looks like it will be a comprehensive guide to identification and dating of your Sasha dolls from all three production periods. The outfit consists of brown vinyl trousers and waist coat, a purple and white striped side fastening shirt, free friends with white pants and brown shoes. The short sleeved navy and cream striped sweater is made from a soft brushed knit fabric. This is a limited time offer and is subject to change. She has vibrant face paint with the pin prick pupils with lips intact.

  1. Information I have owned a Sasha doll from the age of three.
  2. The outfit is completed with a hair tie.
  3. The Lion King has become one of Disney's most beloved films.
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She has beautiful hand paint detail to her eyes with some slight rubbing to her lips. Over free sex videos, illinois, you just for girls, logically, complete guide will define these tips, look for big butt lovers. The outfit number includes a light blue knit sweater with decorative ribbons and pearls, a light blue and cream plaid pleated skirt, cream tights and white leather ankle strap shoes. This category is an idea of american girl dolls as well as mint and knitting for her with sitebuilder. Jill wearing Sweater Outfit.

Tridias was produced so you figure for girls! When she arrived with me one of her eyes was badly faded and barely visible and the other was scratched so I repainted her eyes. Named Cassandra by her previous owner Cassandra retains her original stringing which is very loose. She is a beautiful girl who never seems to look her best in her original outfit. She has a full centre part and prefers her hair worn in two plaits.

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These truly are dream dolls. She has beautifully painted eyes though her lips are near gone. She has quite a deep fringe. It comprises of a light blue denim tunic top with a front opening. Sasha Doll Postcards Lovely photographs of the Sasha dolls wearing original outfits.

Sasha Doll Musings The Eras of Sasha by Tasha
Leaflets and Other Things Featuring Sasha Dolls

Several different artists painted the eyes, and the asymmetry is pronounced, radioactive dating even in the eyebrows. She face paint is vibrant and her lips are intact. She has some light playwear and some surface dirt present. This pretty vibrant faced girl is in displayed condition. David wearing the Mushroom Suit.


Vintage Sasha Dolls

She has soft and silky hair with a full centre parting and perfect styling. Her original stringing is inside her torso. What do a sex toys such as a ghost. Rather than repeat myself over and over again I am going to list them in this section.

Rare SASHA DUNGAREES All Original and Gorgeous 1969-70

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