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China did not mark their refurbs. The oldest factory was Jianshe and it was built in during the Imperial Dynasty in the city of Chongqing. Firing pin should rattle freely after cleaning, use no oil. This also can give additional meaning to the Chinese ideograph markings seen on the built carbines as they were now fully Chinese built.

Should you have information that is different or relevant to this report, then please post it. They do not actually manufacture them, they contract them out to factories that jointly develop other firearms with them. By twowheelinjim in forum Mauser Rifles. Obviously, the stock had to be changed to accommodate for the longer bayo.

This may be why we see limited numbers of them in the world market today. No skilled machinist was needed. Most of these factories used more than one code. View this post on Instagram. The past, girl training with a rifle built in Jianshe.

Russian sks serial number dating

Your choices will not impact your visit. This would be a era gun according to the charts. Image resizer by SevenSkins. It was only available in a semi-automatic version with a dulled bayonet.

It also saved on labour because no threading was needed, not just on the barrel but also on the receiver. The following information was found on surplusrifle. Perhaps the most difficult to accurately figure out the correct year as it is not stamped anywhere on the weapon. There is alot more information yet to be gathered.

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They experimented making the receiver out of stamp sheet metal. For unknown reasons the Albanians destroyed or gave away nearly two thirds of them and it is believed that only are left in the world today. Above pic from martin tab at the bottom, others are normally on top.

These include the wood, bayonet, and internal components. If someone else knows more about these I will post it, rules of internet dating safety so let me know. These are referred to as the Sino-Soviet models and are characterized by many Russian stampings on the receiver and barrels.

Russian sks serial number dating

Being that they are stamped with the star but without a date on the receiver cover would suggest they were made later then the stamped guns. After the weapon producing factories were bombed most of the weapons were supplied by the Chinese. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Please use this report as a guide only. It's involved in high-tech anti-aircraft, battle tanks to oil field equipment.

Norinco SKS Production

Dating The Chinese SKS
Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

In my opinion, I agree with some of the new dating scheme but I'm not in total agreement with it. They made a newer one that should not be confused with the early ones. First observation of stamped trigger group, first two piece gas tube, deletion of bolt carrier and bayo lug lightening cuts. Most of these were destroyed after the Berlin Wall came down. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website.

No thought was given to whether it was the wrong production class. From front to the back of the rifle. Can you carry any of this to other Arsenals?

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Many of these rifles have a variety of symbols that all lead back to the same factory. You may change your settings at any time. These rifles, for all intents and purposes, are identical to the ghost guns in all features. This list will be updated when new information is received.

As the war in Vietnam began to escalate. With a pinned barrel there was no need to have a barrel lug therefore the barrel blank was alot smaller in diameter and thus cheaper. When was the no date stamped Tula receiver cover gun manufactured? However, dating Jianshe Industry Ltd.

Polytech is the other exporter. Most of the examples seen in the U. Not sure on how to tell the year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed.

Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ update Apr 1

The Chinese learned that they did not need the hundred thousands placeholder in the serial numbers of guns produced at low output factories. Some commercial production have the production year in the serial numbers. You only need to type in the make, model, and serial number. We don't know of an accurate way of dating these other than using features. Proof for this dating scheme is severely lacking.

  • China did not have a long history of firearms manufacturing.
  • The symbol indicates which factory the rifle came from and an estimate of the production date.
  • The year is actually stamped into the receiver.
  • Production date in serial number- Commercial variant.

Stock sling swivel relocated to bottom again. Several were imported for a short time into the U. So, when were they actually produced? The above formula will work on some other factory codes but not all of them. When using commercial ammo because they have softer primer than the surplus ammo, you're more likely to experience slamfire so I recommend installing a spring firing pin, pairs skaters its available from sksman.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

China was the leading provider of small arms to North Vietnam and the war had a big impact on her production. This gun would be a vintage which again by the characteristics of the gun would be very, very unlikely. The huge stockpile quickly dwindled by the end of the war and they were resupplied with Russian surplus. This is not always the case. Some of the codes were difficult to decipher because they were like jig-saw puzzles fitted within a triangle.

  1. Most came with a shortened barrel.
  2. On a few rare occasions an unrecognizable symbol was observed in place of the alfa letter.
  3. To offset this weight gain, they reduced the length of the barrel lug.
  4. Notice the two below are only numbers off.
  5. First observation of the stock side sling swivel.

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Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ

These carbines are almost identical to the Soviet-Sinos with some notable differences. This may be temporarily off line. Production was limited, probably due to the fact that the results weren't up to their expectations. So, chili is is this a military weapon or not?

China was an ally of North Vietnam, another Communist neighbour. The absent of date of production. Some are from members of this and other forums and some are from various gun auction sites.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number
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