Kicker motor hook up, auxiliary motor connector rods

Stainless Steel mounting hardware included. Just use water seperator as one. Originally posted by tashasdaddy View Post.

Max. 35 HP 16 Lift Aluminum 55-0416
  • The Adapter Bracket mounts to the pontoon frame rails.
  • Some of the spring-only ones I've used were a bear to raise up and the ones that were easy to lift you almost had to stand on the kicker to make it go down.
  • You'll want to hold the washers in position with your fingers as you move the mount base over the holes you drilled in the deck.
Splitting fuel line to connect to kicker motor

Auxiliary Motor Connector Rods

Many trolling motors can be raised or lowered vertically as necessary to ensure sufficient operating depth for the propeller. If there were a problem with fuel contamination it could be hooked up to either motor if necessary. Slip the motor over the transom.

TB Loaded Enclosures

How to Rig Up a Kicker Outboard for Your Boat

Connecting kicker motor to main motor
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  3. Mark holes to be drilled through the anti-cavitation plate.
  4. When fishing Im back there can hand operate.

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Thread a steel washer and retaining nut onto each bolt. Had thought of putting in water seperator, but hadn't made a decision. That one is made of stainless steel, and has heim joint ends. If you ever have a problem due to fuel contamination, or air in the fuel line, or so on, a completely separate system could get you home safely. However, the primer bulb check valves are not perhaps percent reliable.

Splitting fuel line to connect to kicker motor

Kicker motors portable outboards and emergency back up engines

Open the mounting bracket clamps. The kit comes with metal straps that allow you to clamp to steering arms or carry handles. Twist-knob Safety Locks provide increased torque rating while helping secure bracket in place. Can be adjusted for use on positive angle transoms.

Fuel line hook up for kicker

It comes in a bubble pack, dating a and believe it is manufactured by Teleflex. Did this article help you? Drill the holes for the mounting bolts.

How to connect my kicker fuel line to my main tank

There are a number or ways that you can do this. Order Replacement Lock Keys. You should be able to see that as well on Ebay. If the boat is made of fiberglass, free kenya and international you'll have to countersink the holes. Stainless steel construction is non-corrosive for saltwater use.

Outboard Motor Brackets

The geometry isn't perfect but you'd never know it when under way. Preferred position is in the middle as this article states, but many boats do not have that option. Following are instructions on how to mount a trolling motor in each of these places.

Constructed of black powder coated aluminum and can be adjusted to fit most platform heights and motor shaft lengths for optimum prop depth and performance. The tank is installed mid ship, under the floor. They work fine for most applications, but usually will increase the steering resistance some, or will not permit full tilting of the motors, or some other limit of travel. Can a trolling motor be mounted off-center of the bow and pull okay if I already have an anchor system right on the point?

Some twins do have separate draws from the tank itself and in this case there would not be a need for valves. This will secure the trolling motor. Use with all outboard motor brackets to secure the motor to your boat. An electric start is a real good idea, depending on the depth of your transom.

If you have another arrangement in mind, perhaps you can describe it more completely for us. Transom adapter has hole for lock to prevent theft of motor and bracket. Also that the siphoning could work in either direction causing some starting problems if only one engine has been running. It's reliable and cost a fraction of the full feature electronic models. Choose the place on the deck where the base should be attached.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Any installation tips on the install? You can also just use one line and move it form one motor to the other. Comming out of the seperator, traffic light hook up I will have a hose with a bulb running to the main engine.

Mercury Marine

That way I can hook up my kicker or not. At the seperator, for the kicker, I will have a two prong merc gas hook-up for the kicker. Do I need a shut off valve to prevent siphoning from the kicker fuel line when operating the main motor?

Without knowing how you plan to mount the kicker, it's difficult to come up with an exact solution but there are many available. No issues with binding up especially with the kicker up? From what what was said, they make them with more than one outlet. When I purchased the boat it had an automotive inline filter.

Do not use without safety cable Spec Sheet Owners Manual. Use the mount itself as a template for this. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Originally posted by redneck joe View Post.

To seal off the other engine. Comes complete with transom support bar for weight support and torque resistance. When two motors draw from the same fuel line, and only one is run at a time, it may be possible that the running motor could suck fuel back up the fuel hose from the motor that is not running. It does not have quick attach ends. Especially since I use my Terrova to steer most of the time anyhow.

Mine is slanted and I compensate with foot control. Place the base over the drilled holes, iplayer bbc slipping the bolts through each hole. The fuel bulbs act as a one way valve.

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