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Create a nice responsive multi layers parallax scroll effect while visitors are srolling up or down your site. Background Youtube video By Nordmograph. In edition mode, radiocarbon dating risks it shows a map the editor can click to set a marker. Admin can choose the default quantities of activities to display and can filter activities by any of the many Activity types.

It can process confirmed friendships or Friendship requests with default or custom message. This simple application displays a link on Sobipro entry details page to owner user profile. Not only it provides each article with one or more maps but it also allows visitors to validate Geo Checkins to the set locations. Also in other components like Kunena forum or on articles.

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Jomsocial dating extension
Discreet Dating component for Joomla

Other Joomla Extensions Discreet Dating component for Joomla

It shows avatar, badge, points, JomSocial menu items, user search, notifications. First Automatic friends plugin for Jomsocial. Add-ons for JomSocial Customize your online community. This module replicates a dating search. User Article is a Joomla extension that helps you to create an article list at the front end of your Joomla site.

Excellent value for money, especially given the awesome support. Please request support for add-ons from their respective developer. Renders a tag cloud of your games tags.

First tab is visible to everybody, it shows a list of products thumbnails user purchased in Virtuemart component shop. Intro and outro text support Joomla language strings and module can be set multiple times on the same page. Finally a Bandcamp plugin for Joomla!


User Members can be filtered by Profile type, respect online settings, set-up members limit etc. My Runtastic By Nordmograph. Joomla Article Recommendation. There is huge scope to expand this component, but that doesn't detract from the fact that the component does exactly what it says it does. The users have access to view, hook up apps on edit and delete articles from the list.

Its pretty easy to use and set up, provided you read the manual. This Community Builder only shows if user edits profile and adds his Souncloud username. Users can search by gender, age range and even distance.

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Let your users show their latest Runtastic performances on their Jomsocial profile! This plugin installs via the EasySocial apps installer. This payment plugin for your Joomla Shop allows you to add a new payment method.

  • My Runtastic for Jomsocial By Nordmograph.
  • Mass import or update all your members Community Builder or Jomsocial Latitude and Longitude from their directions in a batch process!
  • Ecommerce websites targeting social networking sites for promotions and increased sales have become increasingly common due to steady increase in the number of users.
  • First Automatic friends plugin for EasySocial.

Ultimate webmarketing sharing tool! Visitors Map By Nordmograph. Banners Auctions Wizard By Nordmograph. Support Is Online By Nordmograph. Visists prior to application installation will not be counted.

This Joomla module shows a Youtube Video as your page background. Product Geolocator for Virtuemart By Nordmograph. StreetGuessr Game By Nordmograph.

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Jomsocial dating extension
Discreet Dating
Discreet Dating

Discreet Dating component for Joomla

Mass Sites Updater By Nordmograph. It supports every currency Paypal does. Letter Gravatar By Nordmograph.

Manage all your sites Joomla! DatsoGallery pictures for Geommunity maps By Nordmograph. It can friend from one or more users, and also every users. The input value utomaticaly updates the item price. Alex went out of his way to add additional gender functionality, match making online software even though it was not part of the original component.

  1. Display advanced charts from TradingView.
  2. Reward your customers with points for their purcahses!
  3. These data are private and will not show to anybody but profile owner.
  4. Shows a sells counter on Virtuemart product details page.
  5. Hikashare for Hikashop By Nordmograph.
  6. Depending on their server or shared host, some Jomsocial admins experienced issues with Jomsocial core geocoding.

Discreet Dating by Nordmograph - Joomla Extension Directory

This Module shows the js toolbar on every page! Display an animated Flip Countdown to a set date. It shows to allowed users minimum age required a list of selected users according to their genre and location, and eventualy an optional sexual orientation field. Easysocial Application for Runtastic.

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If a price is set, the customer can add a value to the price. This Community Builder application plugin shows a daily visits chart and visitors list. This module is very flexible with many settings and a randomize mode.

ParallaxScroll By Nordmograph. This component allows you to set a SlotMachine page on your site. Minimal top loading progress bar By Nordmograph.

Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard By Nordmograph. Have your site members paid for adding and selling products in your shop! AltaUserPoints is a free component for Joomla. With all the nice trading view features.

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