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There are also two faint circular impact marks noted by arrows in one of the pictures. The glass is very slightly gray and has some tiny bubbles. This is a large showy example. Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association. This is a fantastic large St.

Dating paperweights

The umbrella shaped weights were originally modeled to resemble the wild tiger lily of Southern New Jersey. It is a folk weights made by the glass worker in his free time and often given away. The frame has ornamental features on each side of the picture. This was first devised in the Saint Louis factory and remains popular today.

How To Identify An Antique Paperweight

The outer ring has canes with the dominant color alternating between red and white. In addition to the three types already mentioned, millefiori, lampwork, and sulphide paperweights, St. The paperweight was most likely made in Germany or Silesia. It consists of two large velvet purple petals above over three lower petals.

When the rod is sliced, the pattern can be seen in the cross section. The bottom is ground flat with a matte finish. There are some bubbles in the glass. Density, on the other hand, has not changed since the weight was made, and so is a better piece of evidence than an altered profile.

Identifying Twentieth Century Perthshire Paperweights

No chips, cracks or scratches. Click on the picture to see a larger image. The Stelzer name is spelled in some places as Steltzer. Most of these areas are now parts of the western Czech Republic.

This paperweight has scratches on the side and some on the top plus good wear on the base. Louis scrambled millefiori paperweight. Paperweight production started at St. This is a form particularly favored by studio artists. In the Internet paperweight discussion group hosted by L.

  • The glass is grayish as is typical of Toledo folk weights.
  • The image is on a white enamel plaque and is either a painting or a hand colored photograph.
  • One noticeable bubble in the glass.

Selman All About Paperweights by L. An interesting addition to any collection of antique American paperweights. In the factory resumed production of lampwork and millefiori paperweights and then in they began a series of sulphide weights.

Collecting guide paperweights


Some wear was left on the base by the restorer. Specialist Carina Villinger shares her insights. Amber and white canes form an eight-point star.

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Delaware Valley PCA
How To Identify An Antique Paperweight

One cane is missing in the outer ring. This wonderful antique Clichy concentric millefiori paperweight has a classic arrangement of two concentric rings of complex millefiori around a purple pastry mold cane. There are different styles of lettering, of twist canes, and construction which suggests that several makers were involved. There is a compound center cane with five spaced millefiori canes. This paperweight has been professionally restored and is in perfect condition.

Paperweights - Antique Paperweights For Sale

The region was already home to several glassworks. They exist in many variations such as scattered, patterned, close concentric or carpet ground. Sometimes the style is also used as part of an inkwell or other object. The amber stain is created by coating the surface of the glass with a silver salt made into a paste and firing the glass. Sometimes short questions have long answers.

Unfortunately, the paperweight has extensive wear on the base. No cracks or major damage. Then, whenever you get to hold and study a weight, pembrokeshire dating sites reread the sections that deal with that weight while studying it with a magnifying glass. There are some striations within the glass and one small stone or stray piece of latticinio.

There are some nice articles in the literature including a lengthy article in the Paperweight Collectors Association Annual. Louis concentric millefiori paperweight. There are two concentric circles, the first is of green canes, the second one is of blue and white canes. Antique paperweight chalice with a five bubble paperweight stem and a glued bowl.

Dating paperweights


The top is of the mushroom is pushed down with a crimp to form an umbrella shape with ribs or pleats. An interesting example of a type of weight that is becoming more in demand as collectors learn more about the various Bohemian factories. This paperweight has been professionally restored. There is plenty of glass and the paperweight could be restored, dating but I chose not to do so.

  1. Ample glass and this paperweight could be restored if so desired.
  2. For other uses, see Paperweight disambiguation.
  3. The Jokelson paperweight is also attributed to Clichy.
  4. The original location was near the town of Baccarat.
  5. The price has been reduced to reflect this flaw.
  6. Finally, the center cane is distorted and the pink canes lack definition.

Collecting Guide 7 things to know about paperweights

Dating paperweights

The canes of this paperweight start at the very edge of the paperweight, are set in a total of four rows, does what with larger canes forming six four-flower bouquets positioned in front of the inner row. Weighs just over two pounds. Large engraved or cut hollow spheres of ruby glass were a common form.

This weight may have been professionally restored. The canes are intricate and very colorful. They may also be sprayed while hot with various metallic salts to achieve an iridescent look. However, the attribution is subject to challenge and the precise origin of this sulphide paperweight remains elusive.

It has considerable wear and scratches on the surface and on the base as shown in the pictures. Abrams or Barnes and Abrams and may list either the Maxwell or Graeser patent date. Unusually high dome with the original Baccarat profile. It may have originated in Europe or at another American factory.

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