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Thank you, Blake the Great. The bag in your link looks good for the most part, but I can see why the sides would catch your eye. Hi, I'm writing to ask if you have ever encountered a vintage coach bag with a missing registration number. This was a true serial number, unique to that particular bag, and didn't contain the style number.

Keep in mind that even if images of your bag do pop up, it doesn't necessarily mean your purse is real. The real link is above, with a picture of the bottom of the purse. This was given to me and have no clue about it.

After looking carefully at the stitching, there are double stitches in some areas. These are just more reasons why the absence or presence of a serial number shouldn't be construed as evidence of whether the bag is real. You might add that along with China and the Philippines, recent Coach styles have also been made in India and Vietnam. Was there a messenger tan bag Thx. Notify me of new posts via email.

Hi, I just bought a coach bag from an online seller and i wonder if its authentic or not. For long-time Coach fans who enjoy more casual and frill-free carriers, these handbags are a real treat. Oh and can i ask you, the zipper holder which has the name Coach on it is Gold instead of leather. The sewing on my bag is unnoticeable but once you look closely the sew of my bag is really bad.

Finding the Serial Number

Though Coach introduces new styles and fabrics all the time, there are a few that stand out in the crowd. Any additional info would be most helpful. May I please send you photos? Now that you have experience looking at those things in person, it should be easier to spot those issues in other counterfeits.

Another way to find out what the serial number in your Coach bags has to tell you is to turn to online handbag communities. The serial number can be decoded on any Coach bag made from on. Can anyone give me any information on this beautiful burgundy bag?

Could you please help me with this. Would you be able to tell me if this bag should have zippers with that mark? Back pocket gold tone hardware. Please tell me more about it.

If you have that exact style but the pattern is off, it may be a counterfeit. With both the forums and the business websites, it's important to follow a few general rules if you want to authenticate your bag. From there, go to Coach and then Coach Shopping. As we become more educated, we reduce the possibility of purchasing counterfeit items. Also, do the words of the creed vary due to where it's made?

Newer Post Older Post Home. It looks like a miniature prairie bag. If you are still unsure, let me know what made you doubt its authenticity and I can share my thoughts. It was made in a factory in Turkey.

Searching For a Serial Number

One of the pictures of an authentic bag in the above article appears to have the metal hardware and a plastic zipper track. If the coach creed was stamped on then it seems it's authentic for that year, right? Your provided information is valuable for us. Would I be able to send you a picture for you to see?

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How to Look Up the Style Number for a Coach Handbag
How to Tell How Old Your Coach Bag Is

Looks like there are questions dating back a few months that have not been answered so wondering if anyone is still running this site. Is it because like you said, even authentic item bought in coach boutique has some imperfection? The general rule of thumb when it comes to Coach bags, both new and vintage, and their serial numbers is simply that there are few hard and fast rules. Coach outlet stores also carry a slew of discounted styles and nearly all Coach products can be bought online from the official Coach site. There have been some changes over time in Coach purse serial numbers.

This would be a great lesson learned. Hello Lily, Based on the photos, my impression is that the bag is authentic. It looks like a large duffle and the serial no. Selling a fake on Ebay, even without knowing, fastlife speed dating ottawa can cause a lot of problems and lead to listing removal and selling restrictions. Fake turnlock vs authentic turnlock.

The lining sounds correct. Can you tell me which bag that might have been so I can search for one on ebay? Information on either is greatly appreciated. If so, dating sudanese how would I do that?

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Is there another way I can tell? Is that why the original post was under Melissa Barnes and now you post as Melissa Dunlap? The wording matches and spelling but the spacing is different. Can I email you a picture?

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History of Coach Serial Numbers
  1. My purse no is it has two handles an is brown leather.
  2. In some cases, you may quickly be able to see that your bag is completely different from the ones your search calls up.
  3. Hello, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and you are very helpful with your answers so I have a question about, of course, a Coach bag.
  4. Hello Karen- It looks fine to me.
  5. Can anyone tell me if this Number is a fake?

Email required Address never made public. And, Just a note to those asking questions about creed s from vintage bags. These Coach bags offer a variety of simple styles in limited colors and neutrals. Are these supposed to be newer bags, or vintage? They might change their codes to consist completely of numbers for some factories.

How to authenticate Coach bags

Feedback will be appreciated. Mine has no number under the label. The issues you mentioned sound consistent with many vintage Coach bags. It has the creed and made in new york city usa with the number stamped underneath creed.

As far as I can recall, Coach bags with zippers have at least one of them stamped with a brand name usually the interior pocket zipper. The ones I have seen are fabric. Second question- on the leather creed- I have seen several bags where the creed is centered not the new gold writing creeds and there is a lot more empty space on both sides of the leather patch.

To upload photos you would need to put them into a photobucket or picasa account or similar and post the link. Where should I go to sell it? Please check this for yourself. The style number seems to belong to a diaper bag.

  • Only a hang tag that says Coach Leatherware.
  • Do you even know when Coach started doing that?
  • The main one is usually unbranded.
  • Patch also says made in the United States.
  • They seem authenticate and are very well made, but the hang tags make me question.

How to Tell How Old Your Coach Bag Is

And what about bags made before the style numbers were part of the serial number? Hello and thank you for your info. The style number is the last four or five numbers after the dash in any Coach serial number made or later.

How to Look Up the Style Number for a Coach Handbag

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