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Despite their previous parting having been hostile, Spike was almost kind to her and expressed an interest in what she had done since he had last saw her. While Spike was sidetracked by Harmony, Drusilla managed to set herself free and attacked Buffy who was still chained. Anya took Spike to the Initiative party unknowingly to have some fun.


Whedon later said that Buffy was never intended to be viewed this way. Buffy expressed her anger and hurt towards Angel once she arrived, believing him to be tormenting her. Angel jumped into a body of water to retrieve Buffy who had been thrown in by a vampire lackey. Although they both agreed that a relationship between them could never work, the two of them were unable to stay away from each other, and officially began dating despite their better judgment.

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  1. Angel also continued to appear occasionally on Buffy.
  2. She decided to keep trying for the role of Buffy, and after several more auditions, she landed the lead.
  3. Proving his worthiness by surviving the trials, Spike earns his soul back.


Spike chose Buffy and told her he loved her, begging her to give him some sort of small chance with her. Willow insisted that Buffy must separate with her in order for her to discover such a power. He expressed to a dejected Buffy that he not only loved her, dating chat but believed in her completely. Buffy episodes often include a deeper meaning or metaphor as well. It was also noted by the Buffybot that Spike refused to ever look directly at her since she reminded him too much of the real Buffy.

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  • Their connected hands burst into flame in one of the shows most iconic romantic images.
  • Which doesn't exactly rush in the direction of my brain.
  • She never treated him as a confidante and came to him when she needed help.
  • When Joyce died from an aneurysm, Buffy was the one who found her body and did her best to revive her.
  • During a visit of Angel, Buffy revealed her renewed relationship with Spike, and he was visibly bothered.

Spuffy was the most realistic relationship in the show. He apologized for this, but she expressed her immense gratitude for his presence and how it gave her some energy to get through the night. When Faith was revealed to turn herself in for her crimes, Buffy was shocked. This was probably due to the fact that both Gellar and Hannigan had hit movies out during the season Cruel Intentions and American Pie respectively.

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Originally reported by Tvguide. She was sultry and flirtatious with him, who was once more recovering from depression as a result of his continued love for Buffy Summers. Saturn Award for Best Television Series. Buffy managed to convince Angel to undo the damage he had done as Twilight, and reassured him that she was only going to Spike for information and help. The two conversed easily, relating to each other on a personal level.

Octavia My arse is not pansy! It would have been Faith, probably on a motorcycle, crossing the earth, trying to find her place in the world. In a world where couples often fight to the death is there anything more ridiculous than counting the grabs. He also confessed he felt jealous of Riley, despite the fact that she did not love him, because at least he had something. Her difficulties and eventual empowering realizations are reflections of several dichotomies faced by modern women and echo feminist issues within society.

Spuffy was the most realistic relationship in the show

Spike captures Angel and hires a vampire named Marcus to torture Angel until he tells him where the ring is. After their reunion in London, Faith remarked that, despite their rather ancient rivalry, Spike and Angel understand each other better than anyone else. Cibo Matto Official Website. The Watcher's Council aids in Buffy's research on Glory, and she and Giles are both reinstated on their own terms.

Buffy Summers/Relationships

At times, it performed better in the Nielsen ratings than its parent series did. Later he becomes corporeal, due to a mysterious gift that arrives at the office of Wolfram and Hart. However, his memories of her start to quickly fade and recordings he makes of himself talking about her turn to static. When vampire Gunn causes Illyria to revert to her monster form, memories of Fred from Spike and Wesley are transplanted into her to restore her humanity.

Upon his return, Buffy realized the weight of what he had done for her, and forgave him for what he had done. Joyce was quite distressed at her daughter keeping secrets and often worried about her rebellious nature, initially believing Buffy was a delinquent. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It has also been comically suggested that he and Angel share some sort of sexual history.


He went to extreme lengths to connect with Buffy and help her, julian but she once again brushed him off. This ability allows him to wield powerful psychological weapons as easily and effectively as physical ones. Angelus Darla Drusilla Holtz Jasmine.

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Quick question What season and ep do Buffy and Spike finally get together
Buffy Summers/Relationships

She gave her advice on dating and saved her life from vampires, which is when they started to bond. This greatly upset Spike and he gruffly ordered Willow to get rid of it completely. Spike is seen as something of a paradox amongst vampires in the series, and frequently challenges vampire conventions and limitations. Spike appears unconcerned he missed the chance to talk to Buffy who, along with Willow and Xander, has gone to find magic to save Dawn at the Deeper Well in England. He drives in broad daylight in vehicles with blacked-out windows, and on several occasions travels outside during the day using a blanket for cover.

Buffy dating spike
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

He had a strained relationship with Drusilla's sire Angelus, who continued a sexual relationship with her despite Spike's strong disapproval. As the series progresses, Willow becomes a more assertive character and a powerful witch, and comes out as a lesbian. Some people might not know this. Frustrated with her continued rejection and treatment of him, he provoked her to fight him in an abandoned, dating sugarmama dilapidated building.

Don't feel intimidated about posting in any forum. The truth is, dating I like this world. Buffy pointedly reminded him that she not helpless. This is such a controversial discussion and probably every aspect has already been discussed before but here I go. Twelve thousand people can't be wrong.

Buffy dating spike

In reference to those saying if you don't like Spike don't post in the Spike forum - the Spike forum isn't a fan club, it is for all discussion of Spike, whether criticism, praise, or indifference. William chose to stake her because he found he could not bear to see his mother behaving like the soulless vampire he had made of her. Buffy and Angel met when she was walking in a dark alley.

When she lost her life in the fight against Glory, he broke down crying, guilt-ridden for his inability to protect her and Dawn. United States portal Television portal. You obviously have exceptional taste.


Spuffy was the most realistic relationship in the show

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