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Their whole relationship all mths of it makes no sense to me at all. People are just speculating. There are so many people that want to see it and the production company would stand to make a great profit off of it.

You dont think those lovely fans in Japan want to see him strutting around with some leggy blonde. What are the islands that make up polynesia? Make sure someone gets a photo or description of his cock and report back here! Are the meds wearing off about now? Alice did something very similar.

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This is a really disappointing, but honestly unsurprising companion choice for him. Noone gets that lucky with info. Erinn, well said, now, please help yourself to some cookies and tea, or some sherry, if you prefer.

What celebrity, a private one at that, announces via the papers or at all? It takes massive ego to believe your acting alone is good enough when there are so many talented actors out there. All of this comes on the heels of a remarkable year. To which weasily anti-woman policitian are you referring? There have been tons of rumors about him last year because apparently the Daily Mail thinks every woman he goes to an event with is someone he's fucking.

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Benedict Cumberbatch announces engagement to girlfriend Sophie Hunter

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He aged so prematurely I was sure he had some sort of addiction, alcohol fits the bill perfectly. The first few were denial and anger, and then acceptance and happiness. Dany, hook up shop that is a beautiful picture. Yikes A friend of mine the same thing more or less.

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  1. In Star Trek, he has the better body of all of the actors.
  2. Surely there is the straight equivalent of a friend with benefits who doesn't need what a man is incapable of giving.
  3. It seems like those of us who have been following him closely for a while can see how weird this whole thing is.
  4. If it makes down the aisle, I will be shocked though.
  5. No one gives a fuck about her.

Please complete the process by verifying your email address. You know nothing about this model, whether she's clever or classy so why are you getting so angry and worked up? As I say, many actors keep these things quiet.

21 Times The Internet Had Zero Respect For Benedict Cumberbatch s Name

Benedict Cumberbatch is not currently dating anyone publicly, when your but his longtime girlfriend was actor Oliva Poulet. Anyone who has a computer knows my entire dating history. Also the fact that he smokes correlates with drinking. It might be good for his ego but not the fanbase.

Where did the name Cumberbatch in Benedict Timothy Carlton come from? Is Benedict Cumberbatch the hottest man alive? Wikimedia Commons has media related to Benedict Cumberbatch.

First Amal Clooney and now this woman over here. Well, if his new house is built using the same remodel plan he created with Olivia then he is pining for her. Your mother must be so proud. It's what happens at weddings. Indeed, in this she is a perfect partner for Benedict, the son of two actors, who was raised in Kensington, West London.

He needs to stay away from the theatre for a year or two. They go off from their tiny villages to a big, week-long festival and all the girls and boys try to find a suitable spouse a way to keep the gene pool healthy and varied. She has two brothers, Patrick and Timothy. There's something about him I like.

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To an almost audible sound of thousands of hearts breaking in two, Benedict Cumberbatch has announced that he is off the market. Like- what are you trying to prove if you need all of that. Not sure how I got up here. They could have just not announced it at all and carried on being engaged in private.

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MissMary They are welcome to each other. If anybody is behaving oddly it's you trying so desperately hard to undermine any post which even slightly endorses the possibility that he and the model might be an item. But I was on the balcony that time so I couldn't see much.


It can be difficult, even for a man of Cumberbatch's quick intelligence, to remember every detail. If he is just dating, he is single. And yes, I am sure he is not dating her. After that ended is where things seemed to go wrong and he ended up dating vacant eyed, slack jawed Lydia Hearst. It is much ado about nothing anyone knows anything about anyway.

  • His grandfather, Henry Carlton Cumberbatch, was a decorated submarine officer of both World Wars and a prominent figure of London high society.
  • However introverts like myself are drained of energy when there is too much stimulation going on.
  • She's never studied it or acted in her life and she has a law degree, but it's kind of unused?
  • Or maybe even just acknowledged each others company while in the same frame.

Son of actors Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham. Still an interesting way to announce an engagement for someone in the public eye. This to me was not a relationship that went from casual to engaged in a month. People rant, swear and shout. Maybe Sophie is just the one he always wanted, she is pretty, a bit posh, intelligent and artsy.

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The whole wedding will be velvet. Why when people have anything less than glowing sycophantic praise are they accused of that? They have done so much for his entire life that it seems kind of unfair if he takes his fiancee instead. Who knows, we could be wrong.

Surely at this point he has enough fame to get it for free. You can't know somebody by reading about them in the media or online. Rid Benny of his Silly Hats? Benedict Cumberbatch attempted to act under the name Benedict Carlton before an agent advised him to use his real name in order to stand out.

Benedict Cumberbatch & Mystery Gal Hold Hands in London
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