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There isn't much by way of fuss and frills, but with a name like Academic Singles, it only seems apt. The only fields related to the academe seem to be the Professions and Education only. Recently, my credit card issuing bank has replaced a new card for me due to suspected unauthorised online transaction.

  • All I've done so far is got confirmation that my membership is cancelled.
  • Unable to cancel subscription Hi!
  • The personality test isn't only used to find your match.
  • When you visit your match's account, you will see their personality profile contrasted against yours.
  • Wish I had read all this first.
  1. Learn lesson and keep going with your life.
  2. Academic Singles is a matchmaking website catered to academics, intellectuals, and those with higher income.
  3. That is the only way to get out of this.
  4. Has anyone actually been taken to court?
  5. The fraud department of my refunded and they will now be pursuing them.
  6. What is wrong with you people?

Facts What is Academic Singles? My match list was easy to use and it just sent me matches relevant to my education and interests. It wasn't at all easy as you discovered when you tried. These people need to be taken down.

We are really happy together! Same nonsense as posted many times below. To find the exact locations this helps us where those profiles have been stolen from on other sites many times amateur porn sites and fake profile photos. When you receive something, the entire message will be blurred.

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The instructions in the site to cancel membership simply keep turning you around in circles. Alternatives to Academic Singles. Scams would not prosper if we could communicate the way they operate to others rapidly and effectively.

Like all others, all it said was I could not have a refund. Don't ever go near this site, dating cdvs as others have said it's a massive scam. It wasnt problem but then came this message. They can do this the same as if your card was stolen.

Tonight does a programme on how internet dating has changed the way people think about relationships yawn. Usually dating sites at least don't blatantly steal your money. Academic Singles really helped me find this amazing woman, and it was worth the failures from previous dating sites. Is there an Academic Singles forum?

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You did not find your question? How absurd, not one notification or anything from your company and yet you have the audacity to demand funds from me! Unfortunately, the site is not available for Apple users.

You can specify the kind of person that is allowed to contact you with message filters like country, age, distance, photos, hobbies, etc. Academic Singles doesn't offer any special feature, and for good reasons. Fraud prevention may be able to help reclaim the money. The access details were sent to you at xxxxxxxx xxxx.

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Later, we went for some drinks, hanging out together and finally the love emerged. How much are you prepared to offer as a reward? Not only did they deduct the money again, I found I was getting regular deductions from Global Personals that they must be related to.

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Must a police case be lodged? Since the target demographic are the ones who have a higher educational background and income, dating proposal letter most of the members are understandably older. Rang up Western Australia Consumer Protection and was told to inform the my bank to dispute the payment that I have made thus far. This company are completely bull - someone needs to involve Trading Standards or the Police or lawyers to bring them down - money grabbing garbage. In comparison to other providers Academic Singles is upper moderate.

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Now, if you are like me you will be thinking, but what if they don't give up? From the information you provided I can unfortunately not look at your case in greater detail. Then the refuse to communicate becasue they have my money. You masterbating primates have lost all concept? Is Academic Singles any good?

You have to send the administrators a written letter or a fax. Also, I felt it would be a good idea to phone the bank and tell them that I lost my card. Academic Singles is a matchmaking website that aims to help educated people find each other. Please, 100 free switzerland can you help me with it? They will take more money from your account because you have not cancelled your subscription.

For not having been able to process the payment? Then I ask them to give me confirmation that I had cancelled my account. Better off keeping away from this site. Do a free registration now. We have to join forces against these scammers.

They can try legal action if they like, although I doubt very much that will happen. Disgusting low life's who should not be able to advertise. The thought that my perfect match could be the exact opposite of what I had in my head. Since yesterday I didn't hear from them anymore, not even an acknowledgement letter. Emailed them twice, ineffective, cancelled my credit card.

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Shared my problem with others who shared horror stories of cancelling membership. It seems that these people want to hold me hostage! They simply ignored my request.

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